What to do with your Wedding Dress?

A lot of brides wonder what to do with their wedding dress post-wedding…Before you rush to sell it online, I have a few suggestions for you that will hopefully persuade you to keep it!

Here are a few of my favorite ways to repurpose your dress…

You can use parts of the dress for a baptismal gown for your future child (girl or boy!).

baptismal gown
Photo Credit: DollBabyDesigns1

If you have a daughter, the possibilities are endless…

Have a photo shoot with your sweet, little princess in your dress. My daughter is just about turn 2 so I think this photo shoot is in the near future for us!

girl in wedding dress
Photo Credit: Southern Shutter

Remake your dress for her to wear at her wedding. When I was at Epting Events, we had a bride who wore her grandmother’s dress! It was absolutely stunning and I think it just makes your wedding day that much more special. And surely you get extra bonus points for your something old!

Photo Credit: Offbeat Bride

Incorporate pieces of your dress in her wedding. My mom’s dress had these interesting fabric pieces, so we cut them off and wrapped my bouquet in them. And, by we, I mean the fabulous floral designer, Bart Scott.

Photo Credit: Melissa Pepin Photography

If you’re not thinking about having kids, that’s totally fine…Don’t sweat it I have options for you too!

The most special choice is donating your dress for the precious angel babies. I can’t think of a more special gift to parents experiencing such tragic loss.

Photo Credit and Link to Donate: Eve Foundation

Kids or not, here is something everyone can do…You can always wear your dress around your house and remember your perfect wedding day. In fact, I may or may not be pulling a Monica and am wearing my dress right now!

monica 2
Photo Credit: Martha Stewart Weddings

Your dress is such a special and sentimental item, I hope you’ll find your own way to cherish it forever. How did you repurpose your wedding dress?