Reuse and Recycle Your Wedding Decor

While we’re on the topic of reusing things, you’re probably wondering what the heck you’re going to do with all the decor pieces you’re buying for your wedding…Well, with a little forethought, you can put some of the pieces to use in your home afterwards. I repurposed a few things from ours, and I just love love looking at pieces of my wedding daily.

Here’s how I’ve reused some pieces from our wedding…

1. Our wine and letter box is now our memory keepsake box. On our wedding day, we wrote each other cards to open on our first anniversary. Now, we write each other cards to open each year and keep them in our box. I also add ticket stubs, programs, and other fun little things in there along the way. I can’t wait to go back through and see everything. Oh, and the box was made for my grandmother’s mother by her great grandfather, so it’s extra special to me! The runner also just so happened to match my kitchen table, so I had that out for a bit too.

Photo Credit: Melissa Pepin Photography

2. On our favor table, a coworker found this framed marriage prayer at a thrift shop and bought it for me since it was in my wedding colors. So I painted the frame white and have it hanging in our kitchen. I also STILL have a ton of the “P” stickers from the praline bags, so I went through a fancy wrapping stage there for a while. It’s probably been long enough that I can whip them out again. Or please let me know if you need them! I have yet to find a bride with a P last name in those colors.

Photo Credit: Melissa Pepin Photography

3. Mercury glass was all the rage in 2012, so I was on the hunt to incorporate any and all mercury glass into the decor. I got three assorted vases to put throughout the reception and now have them all grouped together. My then-fiance and I went shopping for these at TJ Maxx when we first moved to Charleston. When we were walking back to the car, this woman walked up to us to compliment us on how pretty the vases were and asked me if they were real glass. I said I think so? And she proceeded to bite the glass to check it’s realness. It might have been the strangest thing that’s ever happened to me post-TJ Maxxing and my husband and I still chuckle about it seven and half years later. We have these displayed on our dresser and the sun shines through them so beautifully!

Photo Credit: Melissa Pepin Photography

4. I wanted something fun for our guest book, so I ordered a tree print. I love the significance of trees, and what the roots signify. So we have this as the staple of our family tree wall. It’s surrounded by wedding day pictures of both of our parents, all four sets of grandparents, and other pictures of our families.

Photo Credit: Melissa Pepin Photography

5. I used a birdcage to collect our cards and now have it on display in our living room. For whatever reason I decided to add vintage books in it and I love the shabby chicness of it!


6. Since we had five different wedding cakes, I found these sweet little ceramic birds to go on all of them. I have these in groups of two throughout our home. They’re just so sweet and make me so happy! Here’s another one of my mercury glass vases. The key is to have staggering heights if you’re going to group together and do so in odd numbers.

Photo Credit: Melissa Pepin Photography

7. One of my brides, Kristi, last October had magnolia flowers and leaves as her theme. She lined the two head tables with them and then had them throughout the room. She texted me over Christmas that she wrapped her tree with them. What a special way to celebrate their first Christmas together!

Another way to reuse your wedding decor, is to sell it! If you’re local to Charleston, there are a couple of Facebook groups – Lowcountry Recycled Bride and Charleston Wedding Dreams. Both of them are private groups you have to be added to, but you can pretty much be sure that someone in there is looking to buy whatever it may be left over from your wedding. It’s also a great place to start your hunt if you do want to buy decor. Most of it has only been used once and is in excellent condition for half price. THEN you can turn around and sell it again!

Your florist should also have things you can rent too if that’s more your style.

You can also donate to your local Habitat for Humanity, Goodwill or thrift store.

I hope that helps you be more strategic in your shopping and you can find little ways to incorporate pieces from your big day into your new home!




What to do with your Wedding Dress?

A lot of brides wonder what to do with their wedding dress post-wedding…Before you rush to sell it online, I have a few suggestions for you that will hopefully persuade you to keep it!

Here are a few of my favorite ways to repurpose your dress…

You can use parts of the dress for a baptismal gown for your future child (girl or boy!).

baptismal gown
Photo Credit: DollBabyDesigns1

If you have a daughter, the possibilities are endless…

Have a photo shoot with your sweet, little princess in your dress. My daughter is just about turn 2 so I think this photo shoot is in the near future for us!

girl in wedding dress
Photo Credit: Southern Shutter

Remake your dress for her to wear at her wedding. When I was at Epting Events, we had a bride who wore her grandmother’s dress! It was absolutely stunning and I think it just makes your wedding day that much more special. And surely you get extra bonus points for your something old!

Photo Credit: Offbeat Bride

Incorporate pieces of your dress in her wedding. My mom’s dress had these interesting fabric pieces, so we cut them off and wrapped my bouquet in them. And, by we, I mean the fabulous floral designer, Bart Scott.

Photo Credit: Melissa Pepin Photography

If you’re not thinking about having kids, that’s totally fine…Don’t sweat it I have options for you too!

The most special choice is donating your dress for the precious angel babies. I can’t think of a more special gift to parents experiencing such tragic loss.

Photo Credit and Link to Donate: Eve Foundation

Kids or not, here is something everyone can do…You can always wear your dress around your house and remember your perfect wedding day. In fact, I may or may not be pulling a Monica and am wearing my dress right now!

monica 2
Photo Credit: Martha Stewart Weddings

Your dress is such a special and sentimental item, I hope you’ll find your own way to cherish it forever. How did you repurpose your wedding dress?




2018 – Year in Review

Today I woke up in 2019. I would be remiss to not reflect on the fabulousness of 2018! For years I have dreamed of starting my own event planning business. At the end of March, I decided no more waiting…I registered my LLC, got a business license, ordered some business cards and was ready to make my dreams come true! I have so much thankfulness for my husband, family and friends for encouraging me and supporting me every step of the way! I can honestly say, I have loved every minute of working with brides again and helping them make their wedding day the best day ever!

Literally within two days of launching A Pineapple Affair, I got a request from Kayla to be her day of coordinator on Folly Beach at the Regatta Inn in two weeks! I landed the job, and I was beyond fortunate to have such a sweet couple to kick off this venture. As an added bonus, they were from Georgia, right down the road from Athens, so it was certainly serendipitous and I felt super comfortable. Their outside wedding was challenging, to say the least. The wind was blowing so hard, it was blowing the silverware off the tables! Together with her family, we wrapped the bottom of the Inn to create our own little tent, called in additional tent sides for the actual tent, and remained calm. We never let Kayla know things were a little stressed downstairs and we got everything set up beautifully. Luckily, the wind died down just in time for the festivities to begin!

What wind? Kayla and Tate at the Regatta Inn – Photo Credit: Fabiola Isabel Photography

After Kayla and Tate’s wedding, I had the honor of assisting nine other brides this year! From Cori and Carson at the Coosaw Country Club to Melissa and Mike at The Gaillard to Kristi and Kenny at Belmond Charleston Place to Heather and Josh at The Mills House Hotel to Morgan and Collin at Wild Dunes Resort to Kristine and Ryan at Middleton Place to Mandy and Geoff at the Citadel Beach House to Morgan and Andrew at The Links at Patriots Point to Jeannette and William at The Tides Hotel.

Melissa and Mike
Melissa and Mike at The Gaillard – Photo Credit: Sarah Beach Photography
Kristi and Kenny at The Belmond Charleston Place – Photo Credit: Haley Jane Photography
© Dana Cubbage Weddings 2018
Kristine and Ryan at Middleton Place – Photo Credit: Dana Cubbage Weddings
Mandy and Geoff
Mandy and Geoff at The Citadel Beach House – Photo Credit: Haley Jane Photography

I’ve gotten to see a different side of Charleston, one full of love and laughter as couples embark on their journey of martial bliss. Each bridal booking is like an interview, and I am I reminded of why I love doing this each time I book a new bride!

I’ve gotten to know new vendors and even worked with some twice so far! I have enjoyed getting to meet new people and I’m beyond inspired by their passion for their craft.

Since I also work full-time as the Director of Special Events at MUSC Hollings Cancer Center, I have had to learn how to become more protective and more purposeful of my time. My busy season was this fall, and sometimes I’d work 16 days in a row between MUSC and APA. I’ve used my down time to soak up every minute with my husband and daughter, and really do all I can to love on them and let them know how much I appreciate them!

I only have a few open dates in 2019. I have another lineup of wonderful couples and I can’t wait to bring their weddings to life! I absolutely love getting to know all my brides throughout their engagements and seeing how much the brides and grooms enjoy their days. I truly feel like a fairy godmother, making their ceremony and reception sites perfect and ready to rock for their arrival!

Thanks for trusting me and supporting me during 2018! This side hustle of mine has given me more life and joy than I could have imagined! Special thanks to all my brides for being so sweet, kind and fabulous! 2019 is sure to be one for the books!